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Tech Revelations

Helping small- and medium-sized businesses grow and succeed is the mission of the Florida SBDC at UCF. Sometimes our mission is accomplished through our no-cost, expert business consulting, sometimes through our seminars and training, and then other times through our specialty programs for established businesses.

The FSBDC’s work can be seen when we deliver major consulting engagements that take a business to its next level. Or in doing the basic blocking and tackling in partnership with an early-stage business to set them on a path to growth and new-found success.

For Melbourne, FL-based Technology Revelations, Inc. (TechRev) and its CEO Michael Ballard, it was the basics it needed assistance with so it could enter the government contracting business. The company had established itself as an innovative software and solutions provider that, up to that point, had assisted commercial organizations and, as a subcontractor, governmental units by rapidly deploying customized and quality products through the work of TechRev’s highly skilled, security-cleared consultants. Now they were looking for new business from the government.

TechRev zeroed in on gaining access as a prime contractor with the Veterans Administration (VA), a subcontractor with VA large prime contractors, and eligibility to participate in the Mentor-Protégé Program.  And TechRev had the opportunity – thanks to Michael’s military service – to gain a competitive advantage by receiving verification as a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB). This designation would give TechRev easier access to favorable consideration for both government and commercial contracts. But where to start?

TechRev turned to the Florida SBDC at UCF’s Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC), its government contracting service, one of which is based in Brevard County. Members of the company’s team attended the FSBDC’s government contracting training and became familiar with proposal management, capture management, and marketing to the government. The team availed themselves of networking opportunities with other government contractors and began to build connections in the marketplace.

Once TechRev was comfortable with the government market, the company undertook to apply for their SDVOSB verification. With the hands-on assistance of FSBDC consultant and government contracting expert Patricia Simpson, the company and the FSBDC methodically went about completing their application, responding to questions and feedback from the Veterans Administration’s Center for Verification and Evaluation (CVE) and finally submitting their application. It was approved a short month after it was presented to the VA.

“I highly recommend the FSBDC,” remarked CEO Ballard. “They have been there for us every step of the way with their encouragement, knowledge, resources, and expertise.  They helped us set the agenda, implement our work plan and take the necessary steps toward our end goal of verification. Their assistance helped us wade through the government jargon, answer its questions, and made sure our application was excellent in every way.”

Today, TechRev is in a better and more competitive position to contend for the government and VA contracts they seek, especially because SDVOSB verification provides eligibility into the VA’s Vets First contracting program. “We look forward to continuing to work with the FSBDC, its PTAC and Patricia. They can assist us in researching new opportunities, by making us aware of work we wouldn’t have otherwise known about and guiding us in strengthening our marketing to the government,” concluded Michael. “We look forward to new business from the government, thanks to the assistance of the FSBDC.”