Google Workshops

Google Solutions: Google AdWords

What if you built a website and nobody came? Simple answer: Start an ad campaign using Google AdWords to generate traffic to your site. In this three hour seminar, you will learn the steps to implementing Google AdWords: how to set up an account, create an ad, start a campaign and set a budget. The session will also describe how to optimize Google AdWords by creating highly targeted Ad Groups, A/B testing ad copy and applying clever bidding strategies. Following this seminar, you will leave with the ability to evaluate Google AdWords as a marketing strategy for your business and with a good understanding of how to effectively deploy it. Taught by Google Partner and National Trainer Matt Weber.

Seminar Date: 2017

Google Solutions: Google Analytics

Take advantage of free marketing and business productivity tools and learn how to use internet marketing to increase sales in an easy-to-understand training program for small business developed by Google. The first half of this valuable three hour seminar will show to use internet marketing tools, such as Google Places, Google Adwords and Google Webmaster Tools, to drive sales. In the second half of the program, you will learn how to leverage free Google Analytics to see what your website is telling you and how to get powerful consumer insights. This program is full of easy-to-implement tips that can have a fast, positive impact on your business. Taught by Google Partner and National Trainer Matt Weber.

Seminar Date: 2017