COVID-19 Relief:
Get Back to Business. Get Back to Growth.

RECOVERY: The First Step Back

Florida SBDC, Open, Business, covid-19Business Recovery Teams (BRT) have been created by the FSBDC to help companies develop and implement customized business  plans designed to assist in recovery after the unexpected disruptions of COVID-19 and to build sustainability, thereafter, including realigning their business model and adapting to a new environment.

The FSBDC will form teams – ‘custom-fit’ for participating businesses – of consultants with a diverse range of skills and will add experienced business professionals, as necessary, who will work together to conduct in depth strategic and business planning, including identifying company goals; enumerating the business plan; and defining critical business functions and resources. Depending on the businesses’ needs, a BRT’s contributions might be:

  • Post-COVID-19 Management Plans and Protocols
  • Financial Analysis, including Industry Benchmarking
  • Digital Marketing Planning and Services
  • Industry Market Research & Analysis
  • Business Resiliency Plan

A Business Recovery Team is a powerful management tool to help businesses solve the unprecedented problems of today and create opportunities for tomorrow.


  • Three (3) or more years in business
  • 2019 Revenue: $350K or more
  • More than 3 employees as of March 1, 2020

RESILIENCY: A Foundation for the Future

To assist companies with weathering this and future adversity, the FSBDC is also offering to work with its clients to prepare Business Resiliency Plan (BRP) based upon a national, America’s SBDC framework built on proven best practices addressing the necessary steps to protect businesses and help them survive the next business crisis or natural disaster. The Plan is focused on:

  • Cash Management
  • Pricing & Cost Containment
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Marketing

Preparation and planning are critical parts of business resiliency.  The BRP addresses them fully:  risk/hazard  management; suppliers and distributor relations; producing an Emergency Response Plan including communications protocols, roles and responsibilities, back-up locations, system security and policies and procedures (e.g. work-from-home policy, etc.); identification of preventative measures and local resources for future crises/disasters;  and definition of action plans for implementing a business recovery plan.

A Business Resiliency Plan is a foundation for survival in the next disaster, and having a plan is a shared “Lesson Learned” for recovery in the future.

CONTINUITY: Managing into the New Normal

Revitalization of your business does not end with recovering from the COVID-19 shutdown or preparation of a Business Resiliency Plan. The FSBDC is here to help businesses with ongoing consulting, business training and market information resources available through the University of Central Florida, including implementation of the Customized Digital Marketing Outline and ongoing financial analysis and market research.

Partnering with an FSBDC consultant on an ongoing basis creates a strategy for business success and business continuity because of what they offer:

  • Talented, Trained, Certified Consultants
  • Across-the-Board Functional and Industry Expertise and Experience
  • A Complete Toolkit of Proven Processes and Procedures for Business Success
  • Access to UCF and its Library’s Immense Market Data and Information