NAVA PET's Janel Young with Florida SBDC at UCF's Jill McLaughlin (L-R)
Elly Memreno, FSBDC at UCF, Osceola County, Clermont, Painaglia, Dr. Daniel Saint Ellie
Roger Greenwald, Dave Holt and Jill Kaufman
Desiree Aviles, Owner of WaxMe
Kascel Therapy, Florida SBDC at UCF - Palm Coast
FSBDC, Ray Peter, Channel Side, Shane Bonner
Crossfit, FSBDC, Palm Coast
Owner of Common Sense Office Furniture Craig Caswell
SeaDek, Hyperform, Jill McLaughlin, Jason Gardner, Serenity Gardner
Owner of Higher Learning Development Center Jillian Rowe
Nutritious Lifestyles, Inc.; Janet Mckee; FSBDC at UCf; Small Business Assistance
Popcorn Junkie, FSBDC at UCF, Lake County, Economic Development
FSBDC; Across Borders Management Consulting; Lake County
FSBDC, ASBDC, Midstate Caulking, Osceola County
My Nona's Garden; Chuck Wheeler; Amber Harmon
VAMP, The Vocational Academy of Makeup and Prosethics, FSBDC, UCF
First Response Disaster Team Building for the Future With Assistance from FSBDC at UCF
Nanospective; Roger Greenwald; Brenda Prenitzer