Kascel Therapy, Florida SBDC at UCF - Palm Coast

Kascel Therapy

Striking the balance between delivering quality health care while building a successful small business is no mean feat. You come into the undertaking with the training and experience necessary to help your clients but then often must add new and unfamiliar business management skills and knowledge. It is a challenge that can be met and mastered, if you get help.
FSBDC, Ray Peter, Channel Side, Shane Bonner

Channel Side

Small business success stories sometimes go beyond the entrepreneur and the enterprise itself, and extend on to other local businesses and into the community. That’s the story for Shane Bonner, a founder and principal at Channel Side, the brand-new boutique venue on the water, set in the heart of Palm Coast, Florida’s 23 miles of saltwater canals.  
Crossfit, FSBDC, Palm Coast

CrossFit BearCat

Jody Prince and Cathy Mittelstadt have a mission: to “Unleash…
Owner of Common Sense Office Furniture Craig Caswell

Common Sense Office Furniture

Craig Caswell and the company he founded and has built into…
SeaDek, Hyperform, Jill McLaughlin, Jason Gardner, Serenity Gardner

Hyperform Inc.

Hyperform Inc is an All-American success story. What started…
Owner of Higher Learning Development Center Jillian Rowe

Higher Learning Development Center

Being an entrepreneur is not an easy road. Starting a business…
Nutritious Lifestyles, Inc.; Janet Mckee; FSBDC at UCf; Small Business Assistance

Nutritious Lifestyles, Inc.

The transition from entrepreneur to manager isn’t always…
Popcorn Junkie, FSBDC at UCF, Lake County, Economic Development

Popcorn Junkie

Minetta and Neal Crosier were just such entrepreneurs. Building…
FSBDC; Across Borders Management Consulting; Lake County

Across Borders Management Consulting Group

Humility is not a quality always associated with entrepreneurs.…
FSBDC, ASBDC, Midstate Caulking, Osceola County

Midstate Caulking & Construction Services LLC

Managing a small- to medium-sized business is all about challenges:…
My Nona's Garden; Chuck Wheeler; Amber Harmon

My Nona's Garden

Finding the work-life balance you seek inevitably means making…
VAMP, The Vocational Academy of Makeup and Prosethics, FSBDC, UCF

Vocational Academy of Makeup & Prosthetics (VAMP)

You have a passion. You have creativity and skills. And you…
First Response Disaster Team Building for the Future With Assistance from FSBDC at UCF

First Response Disaster Team

When you look up ‘serial entrepreneurs’ on the Internet,…
Nanospective; Roger Greenwald; Brenda Prenitzer

NanoSpective, Inc.

One of the greatest challenges a small business faces is transitioning from its startup phase to being an established, high-performing second stage company. It is not for the faint of heart. The changes in strategy, organization and culture are often profound.
Alex Aviles; Pauline Davis; Dealer Service Alternative;

Dealer Service Alternative

Dealer Service Alternative is a European car owner’s dream come true. It services, repairs and maintains all makes and models of vehicles but specializes in European cars, especially Mercedes, BMW and Audi. Owner Alex Aviles prides himself in offering his clients and their vehicles a dealership-level experience at fair prices. Aviles motto is “dealer quality service at friendly prices.”
Pond Science; EFSC; FSBDC; Success Story

Pond Science LLC Thriving with Support from Florida SBDC at Eastern Florida State College

Water is a big issue for Florida and its future growth. Population growth, agriculture and industry threaten the natural beauty and water quality of our springs, waterways and wetlands. Invasive foreign plant life infests our ponds and streams. In the face of these challenges, there are solutions to be had and business opportunities to be pursued.
BedTop, FSBDC, UCF, Palm Coast, Flagler

Bedtops Mattress Clearance Center

Imagine moving your home more than 1200 miles and starting…

Eagle Equipment Service 1, Corp.

Success costs money. Business owners learn quickly that they often need additional funds to finance their growth. Sometimes it can come from their cash flow. Or an investor. Or from a bank. One thing is almost certain: if a business is going to look externally for financing, they are going to need a business plan with reliable and defendable financial forecasts.
Harvey Cohen; Cohen Grossman; Jill Kaufman; ABC; Advisory Board Council; FSBDC; UCF

Cohen Grossman Attorneys At Law

Law firms are more than a group of lawyers coming together to practice the law. In fact, they are businesses that face many of the same challenges as other kinds of businesses; how to manage growth, deal with human resources issues, improve financial performance, drive marketing effectiveness and much more.
DrW Institute, SBDC, Small Business, Success Story, Dr. Wanda Bonet-Gascot

DrW Life Skills Institute

Ever wonder how that colleague of yours at work always manages…
RE Plumbing, SBDC, Seminole County

Florida SBDC at Seminole State College’s Advisory Board Council Helps R. E. Martin Plumbing Grow its Business

There are times in every business’s evolution when it can feel to management like they’ve taken their company’s growth as far as they can. Often they are unsure about what to do next if they are to continue growing the business.