Women / Minority Business Opportunity Team

Expert, Tailored, No-Cost Business Assistance and Support for Woman and Minorities

In service to its mission to help entrepreneurs and small businesses start, grow and succeed, the Florida SBDC at UCF is redoubling its efforts to drive economic development in Central Florida with renewed and expanded support of underserved communities, including women- and minority-owned businesses and/or businesses from low-to-moderate income or rural communities. This is an extension of the University of Central Florida’s comprehensive strategy that champions evidence-based practices in the areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

To do this, the FSBDC at UCF has created its Women / Minority Business Opportunity Team initiative. Comprised of a team of experienced, expert consultants, the Business Opportunity Team is dedicated to supporting pre-venture, start-up and established small businesses led by people of color, women and others who have been historically disadvantaged and is committed to assisting them with the diverse challenges they face at every stage of development.

Business Support Specially Designed for the Underserved Community

The Women / Minority Business Opportunity Team will execute an action plan tailored to the needs of the underserved small business community, including these elements:

  • Deploy a dedicated, specialized team of consultants that are expert in the business issues confronting women and minorities
  • Leverage the FSBDC’s proven track record of helping businesses of all types and in all stages succeed
  • Deliver a program specially designed to address the urgent, short-term, and often unique problems that the underserved business community must overcome
  • Partner with women and minority entrepreneurs and business owners to produce and implement actionable business strategies and plans known to achieve positive results

Proven Track Record of Business Success

For more than 35 years, the FSBDC at UCF has been Central Florida’s premier provider of entrepreneurial and business development services. For the Women / Minority Business Opportunity Team initiative, the FSBDC has customized for the underserved small business community its core services of:

  • Professional Business Consulting, Counseling and/or Mentoring at No Cost
  • Streamlined, Easy-to-Use Business Tools
  • Straightforward, Comprehensible Business Education and Training
  • Access to Relevant and Useful Market Data and Resources

In 2020, the FSBDC’s services helped its clients generate more than $1.2 billion in sales, access almost $60 million in capital and create or save more than 10,000 jobs.

Mentoring and Tools to Help Minorities and Women Reach Their Full Potential

The Business Opportunity Team will focus on areas vital to starting a business and/or accelerating growth including:

  • Strategic Market Research
  • Market Expansion and Revenue Growth
  • Access to Capital and Loan Package Assistance
  • Financial Analysis and Assessment
  • Accounting Systems and Budgeting Processes
  • Feasibility Analysis and Start-up Assistance

The Team will partner with its underserved business clients to produce strategies and plans necessary to grow and succeed in a competitive and challenging business environment, including:

  • Start Up Strategies
  • Business Plans
  • Digital Marketing Recommendations
  • Budgets and Financial Forecasts

The FSBDC’s Women / Minority Business Opportunity Team initiative offers entrepreneurs and small business owners from underserved and disadvantaged communities the opportunity to start, grow and succeed. Please call us today for valuable assistance from knowledgeable experts tailored to the unique challenges impeding women- and minority-owned businesses.

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