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Federal Small Business Certifications Managed by SBA

Before you can begin business with the government your business must obtain the proper certifications. Small business certifications are like professional certifications; they document a special capability or status that will help you compete in the marketplace. Unlike permits and licenses, you do not need to obtain certifications to legally operate. However, in order to take advantage of business opportunities, such as government contracts, you may need to obtain some certifications.

Federal, state and local governments offer businesses opportunities to sell billions of dollars worth of products and services. Many government agencies require that some percentage of the procurements be set aside for small businesses. Certifying your business can definitely help you successfully compete for government contracts.

Next Seminar: March 11, 2020 | 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Common Problems with 8(a) BD Applications

The SBA’s 8(a) Business Development (“BD”) program is one of the most powerful federal government certification programs that permits eligible, certified businesses to obtain sole source and limited competition contracting opportunities. In order to ensure that applicant businesses are eligible for certification, the SBA conducts a thorough review of an applicant’s business – including review of business documents, company tax returns, personal tax returns for some owners, and on-site interviews. However, due to the overall complexity of the application and its underlying regulations, many applicants have trouble actually achieving certification, or their applications languish in the evaluation process.

Next Seminar: April 8, 2020 | 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Building Capacity Using a Mentor/Protégé Relationship

The U.S. Small Business Association recently expanded its Business Development mentor-protégé program. By pairing with a BD mentor enterprise, all small business owners can benefit from the expertise of their mentor and better compete for government contracts – both of which can drive up the value of their business when it’s time to sell.

Next Seminar: May 13, 2020 | 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Joint Ventures 101 – How to Build a Successful Package

Most new federal government contractors are seeking new ways to perform larger, more complex and more lucrative requirements, and the use of a joint venture can be the answer. However, pursuing federal government contracts with a joint venture can be tricky and full of risk for the participants of a joint venture. When structuring the relationship, if you get the details wrong, and if you are protested, the SBA may legally decide against your joint venture and you may end up ineligible for award, after spending all the time and effort to capture the opportunity. This workshop will attempt to provide, in the short-time allotted, a detailed look at the rules and regulations for government contracts joint ventures, including size and socioeconomic requirements, mandatory joint venture provisions, performance of work requirements, and much more.

Next Seminar: June 10, 2020 | 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm