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Research shows that approximately 40 percent of businesses that close following a disaster never reopen. You spent a lot of time, money, and effort building up your business, so you want to protect it. Disasters of all types, whether man-made (cyber attack or data breach, loss of a key employee, road construction that displaces traffic, supply chain interruption, etc.) or a natural disaster (hurricane, flood, drought, freeze, etc.), can threaten businesses no matter where they are located. These interruptions can make it difficult for small businesses to keep the doors open. To improve your chances of staying in business should the worst happen, every business owner should have a plan in place.

How We Can Help

Business Continuity, Emergency Preparedness, and Disaster Recovery Plans

As a principal responder in the state’s Emergency Support Function (ESF) 18 for Business & Industry, the Florida SBDC Network is a key economic development organization that supports disaster preparedness, recovery and mitigation through its Business Continuation services. Our professionally certified business consultants provide consulting at no cost, and training events to help you minimize losses and increase survivability when affected by natural and man-made disasters. Our specialists can help you develop a comprehensive business continuity, emergency preparedness, and disaster recovery plan tailored for your business at no cost.

Disaster Recovery Assistance

In the event of a disaster, our professionally certified business consultants can assist affected businesses apply for state and federal disaster loans, as well as other post-disaster challenges, at no cost. Visit our Disaster Recovery page to learn more.

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