Advisory Board Council Testimonials

I cannot say enough about the Advisory Board Council.  We were matched up with a team of professionals to guide us.  They were all hand-picked to be a “fit” for our company and every person was a ROCK STAR.  The advice we received was immeasurable.  Our business has now surpassed 2019 sales numbers and fully recovered from the wrath of the pandemic, which wiped out our business.  I would HIGHLY recommend this opportunity to any small business owner!

Barbara Parham
Artistic Talent Group

The SBDC did a great job in putting together a highly qualified advisory board. Our company greatly benefited from the board’s experience. We had board members with IT, business, marketing, legal, and management experience. With their help, we improved our marketing exposure and website. We were also featured in GrowFL, and Business Journal, an international business plan was created, we contracted with qualified subcontractors, discussed problems, and got help with ideas on how to solve issues. By having the right program manager and board, much can be accomplished. Of course, at the end of the day, it is up to you to take any advice given and make it a reality.

Carlos Lofstedt
NovoaGlobal, Inc.

“Tri-Bay Construction LLC just completed a couple of years (extended by COVID-19) with an SBDC Advisory Board. I would say that any small business could benefit in a multitude of ways from the hand-picked advisors, their vast knowledge about business, willingness to help a business succeed and grow, willingness to give of their time, the resources and contacts they can provide and a whole host of personal growth that is a by-product of interaction with experienced business people. This is support that money cannot buy and if it could be bought, most small businesses could not afford it. Did I mention it was free? Whether already established or just getting started don’t miss this opportunity! I worked with the Orange County SBDC since 2019 and while the Board meetings have come to a conclusion I now have lifelong relationships with good solid people who want to see nothing more than success for others. Enormous gratitude goes out to the SBDC advisors, support staff and our business advisors who devoted their experience and time to Tri-Bay Construction LLC. Forever thankful.”

Mark Bay,
Tri-Bay Construction LLC

“SBDC ABC program is a boon to small business as they provide unparallel resources and services which are usually available only to Mid to Large size companies. This critical help in the early stages helps companies navigate the ‘no man’s land’ zone skillfully. Thank you very much.”

Vijay Krishnan

“Working with the Advisory Board Council allowed me to stop thinking like a “small business” and start thinking like a larger, more powerful, more confident, more prepared company; ready to take on any situation that came my way. The knowledge, experience and advice that my advisors shared was thought provoking, sometimes hard to hear but always on point and with the utmost consideration for the success of my company.”

Heath Walters
Performance Powder Coating

“Professionalism and sincere involvement of SBDC Board Members was exemplary. We could feel genuine their interest in solving problems faced by the company. They asked very relevant questions to understand problems and offered suggestions. Their timely, relevant suggestions helped us improve in financial and operational areas.”

Chaitali Prajapati
PI Consulting Services, LLC

“I would happily participate again.  I really appreciate everything I have learned and everyone who has donated time to my company and to me during this process.  Everyone was always professional and a delight to work with.”

Jordan Ostroff
Jordan Law FL

“The advisors did help me turn my company around, increase sales, better contracts, more profitable items for sale. They gave me a whole new level of awareness of my business and showed me the pitfalls to avoid and led me in the right direction. I would recommend this program in a heartbeat, especially to anyone struggling to survive. It’s like baking, there are lots of wonderful inputs and ingredients in the mix, most important it will get hot in the oven, just be prepared when the heat if turned up, the end product is worth it in the end!”

Daniel  Ramsaywack
Airway Management, Inc

I highly recommend the Advisory Board Council to any business poised for growth without an advisory board already established. My advisors were top quality professionals in their respective fields and provided invaluable resources that assisted me in all areas of my business growth. During the Covid 19 crisis my advisory board kept me up to date on all the latest happenings and were instrumental in helping me secure the loans and grants I needed to keep my company in business. As business owners it is hard to balance working in your business versus working on your business and the Advisory Board Council meetings provided dedicated time, people and resources to assist in growing and maximizing my business potential.

Caroline Yachan
TS Skin Care

“The Advisory Board Council far exceeded my expectations.  As an owner of a small business, it was greatly beneficial to have an experienced group of people that could provide unbiased and honest advice, feedback and support. I highly recommend pursuing a partnership with the SBDC if you are a small business with aspirations of rapid expansion.”

Chris Baeten
Knight Federal Solutions Inc.

“We have learned so much!  Every day we continue to evaluate and make changes based on what we have learned from our advisors. We do believe that the company is heading in the right financial direction, therefore it has definitely been worth it.  The best part of it is that we continue to grow in knowledge, this in return allows us to plan and react in order to create a better company, and a better tomorrow.  We are very grateful to this program and we thank you for the opportunity to participate in it.”

Luis F. Vargas
Enviro-USA American Manufacturer, LLC

“We have just started the process and have had only the initial Advisory Board Council meeting.  But just preparing for that meeting was a very valuable exercise, by having us look at and discuss the issues potentially limiting our growth.”

Richard Woodman
ADC Legal Systems

“The Advisory Board has helped strengthen my company by asking questions, discussing options and providing advice for improving my business. They have helped me avoid some mistakes, focus where there is the greatest opportunity, and more effectively consider reasonable alternatives. My advisors have been great and I have enjoyed learning from them.”

Joseph Sefcik
Employment Technologies Corporation

“The board opened my eyes to a different way of looking at my business.”

Renee McCalla-Watson
Therapy Dynamics

“I cannot thank the SBDC enough for their advisers help and support. They helped us structure our company so we have the framework within the company to grow on our own merit. We have found their support and advice immeasurable in the benefits we have gotten from it. Our financial outlook has been multiplied exponentially due to the training, and direction given by the advisers. We thank you, we thank you, we forever thank you.”

John Sprinkle
KTS Construction Consultants

“We started our business with very little business background but with a lot of passion for what we do. Passion can only take you so far in business.  Our Advisory Board helped pick us up by our boot straps and get us on track with real life business planning and development. Now not only do we have a passion for what we do but we have developed a passion for business as well.”

Lou Schiavo
World Wide Corals

“Wonderful  experience.  The Advisory Board Council program is an incredible opportunity for any small business owner who wants to succeed and move their business into a more manageable and profitable direction! Economic downturns were hurting business, and the professionals assigned to me gave me a wealth of knowledge on ways to cut budgets to get through the bad economy and developed strategies to gain more customers. I completed all the tasks and took all their advice, and our company saw an increased profit of over $55,000 in one year due to the suggestions of the group. It was amazing!”

Annmarie Paparella
V.I. Pet Resort

“I don’t think we would have survived this recession if not for our involvement with the Advisory Board Council. Today, I am more financials centric and focused in “working on the business” than in my twenty plus years of being in business.”

Rusty Woodall
City Beautiful

“Participating in the SBDC Advisory Board program has been crucial for weathering our present economic climate.  Although our company is twenty one years old, I often felt that luck got us there.  We had no goals…no marketing plan…no focus.  My Advisory Board has helped me build a plan by setting goals and devising ways to meet those goals.  This focus has improved our sales and necessitated the addition of another employee.”

Judy Handfield
Total Refrigeration Gaskets, Inc.

“The Advisory Board has provided a great benefit to our firm. Often times, small businesses are only held accountable to themselves and their employees. The board has provided an additional level of accountability and an objective view on our businesses’ practices and capabilities.”

Jessica Burns
RL Burns

“Very friendly and professional group of advisors. Very beneficial overall experience for our business.”

Alvaro Gonzalez
Willbeth, Inc.

“Excellent program. The staff is knowledgeable and really cares. I recommend it to other businesses all the time. We would not be where we are without this program.”

Emily Schlansky
Dog Day Afternoon, Inc.