Advisor FAQs

Advisory Board Council

How do I get involved?

Complete the advisor application by downloading the form and emailing it to

How do I qualify to be an advisor?

We encourage anyone with a professional skill or expertise to volunteer. Every board is made up of a wide range of expertise and professional levels. Advisors are selected when their area of expertise matches the need of a particular company.

What kind of expertise is needed?

Through our current clients, we have learned that the following professions are requested most often: Human Resources, Marketing, Legal, Financial, Government Procurement Specialists, Operations and Strategic Planning.

In addition, almost ALL other expertise is needed, i.e.: Insurance, Risk Management, Sales Management, Team Building, Market Research, Market Analysis, Business Planning, Mergers & Acquisitions, Taxes & Regulations, Patents, Copyrights, Software, Payroll, Recruiting & Hiring.

How much of my time does this require?

Generally, the amount of time an Advisor puts forth varies. Our general expectation is 4 to 8 hours per quarter.

Each Advisor is asked to:

  1. Attend board meetings usually once every 2 to 3 months (2-3 hours each).
    2. Bring a willingness to support the company to the best of their ability.
    3. Offer advice and when you can’t, help the client find an alternative solution or resource.
    4. Be available to your Client Company for phone or email support (1-3 hours per quarter) in between meetings.
    5. Communicate with the Program Manager any issues that impede your ability to support your client.

How long do I “serve” on a board?

Board assignments are for approximately 12-18 months. At the end of the term, the company’s progress is assessed. One of three results occur: 1. The board can opt to stay together for a few more months, particularly at a  time of high growth or strategic change; 2. A new board is assigned to stimulate further growth; or, 3. The company “graduates” from the program and the board is dissolved. Advisors can then serve on a new board if they chose to do so.

Can I market my products & services to Council clients?

Due to our conflict of interest guidelines, advisors are asked to refrain from soliciting any of the Council Client Companies. When a Client asks directly ask about your products services, by all means, follow up on that lead. Please notify the Council if the contact results in a new business relationship. We simply ask that the Client Companies not be targeted as potential clients while an Advisor works with a specific company.

Will I be taught how to advise? Is there an orientation?

Every new board receives an orientation during the first part of their first board meeting. This briefing will allow for a Q & A session as well as provide information on the history and direction of the program. At any time, call with questions or concerns. (407) 420-4850.