Client FAQs

Advisory Board Council

How can I get more information?

Contact the Program Manager for the Advisory Board Council at (407) 420-4850 or

What is the difference between a Board of Directors and an Advisory Board?

A Board of Directors has statutory responsibility – meaning they MAKE DECISIONS and are liable for those decisions. An Advisory Board offers only ADVICE. The decision-making and liability are the sole responsibility of the company and its management.

Does my company qualify for an Advisory Board?

All companies that apply to the Advisory Board Council are eligible for no-cost consulting; The Council is housed within the Florida SBDC at UCF which offers a variety of business seminars and one-on-one counseling for start ups and small businesses.

The Council is positioned to assist Central Florida companies that demonstrate successful business operations. “Client Companies” are best defined by the stage that the business is in. Our Clients are in the unique position of growing their business to the next level.

The average Client has $1.7M in revenue with 13 employees. However, the Council will consider Central Florida based companies that have at least 2 years operating experience with $500,000 in annual revenues and 6 or more employees.

Is there an application deadline?

The Council accepts applications from both companies and volunteers on an ongoing basis. There isn’t a deadline.

Now that I have applied, what now?

After the Council receives your application:

  1. An informal interview is conducted to gather more information about
    your company.
  2. Once accepted, a mandatory client orientation is scheduled to
    go over program processes.
  3. The program manager identifies the areas of expertise that could
    best benefit your company.
  4. Advisors are selected and introduced to you.
    Face-to face meetings are held so the company owner can decide if there is a good match.
  5. Once all of the face-to-face meetings are conducted, with usually 5-6 different Advisors, the first Advisory Board Meeting is scheduled.

How long does it take to get a board started?

From application, the time it takes to start the actual board meetings varies from about 2-4 months. The time is spent, in three areas: (1) finding/recruiting volunteers that match the expertise your company needs, (2) conducting the face-to-face introductory meetings, and (3) scheduling a mutually agreed upon time for the first board meeting.

How long is the board assigned to my company?

Generally, board assignments last 18 months. However, each board and company will be reviewed periodically and may be left in place longer if the group concurs.

Who is assigned to my board?

Your Advisors are selected to bring expertise that your company and/or management does not have. These needs are determined during your initial interview with the Program Manager. Your input to the type of people, expertise and working styles is valuable.

May I select my own Advisors?

While the Council assigns volunteers for you to interview, you can suggest people whom you feel would want to participate. All advisors must complete an application and work through the Council program. If you have someone you would like to “recruit”, the Program Manager will make contact and request their participation on your behalf.

What is the mandatory “Client Orientation”?

The Client Orientation offers an opportunity to meet other Council Client Companies while learning about the process. It is an excellent time to ask questions and become familiar with what is expected of you and your company in preparation to manage board activities.