Small Business Institute®

A program connecting local small businesses to the resources and management expertise of UCF’s College of Business Administration and the FSBDC at UCF.

SBI® provides confidential and professional management assistance to small businesses through consulting projects performed by MBA students.

Strengthen Your Business

Central Florida business owners participating in the SBI® program receive management consulting services tailored to fit the needs of their business. Sample projects include:

Advertising Strategy                                                  Business Plans
Competitive Analysis                                                 Customer Surveys
Feasibility Studies                                                      Financial Analysis
Marketing Plans                                                         Market Research
Strategic Plans

Limited space is available – first-come, first-served.

The FSBDC at UCF is now accepting applications for the Summer 2024 semester. Small businesses interested in the SBI® program must meet the following criteria:

  • $500K+ annual revenue
  • 2 years operating experience
  • Client company must be willing to meet with student team at least 6 times during the semester
  • Program Application Fee is due upon acceptance
    • $300 application fee ($500-999K)
    • $500 application fee ($1M-4.999M)
    • $750 application fee ($5M and over)

Program Guidelines

In order for SBI® clients to get the most from the program, they need to follow the following program guidelines:

  • Being available to the student SBI team at the times the client company and student team mutually agreed upon. Depending on student work schedules it may be necessary to schedule meetings after hours or on the weekend.
  • It is required that the student team meets with the client company at least 6 times during the semester.
  • Maintain weekly communication, if needed, with the student SBI team.
  • Making available to the student SBI team those records, files, and financial statements that the team and the client company agree are necessary to complete their project.
  • Using the student SBI team in their proper capacity as “consultants” and not expecting the students to serve as interns or temporary help to do work that would normally be performed by regular employees.
  • Signing a “Client Acknowledgment” of the final report at the completion of the project.
  • Expecting some follow-up research and surveys to determine the quality and effectiveness of the SBI program.
  • Please read the SBI Client Handbook

For more information please contact:

Jessica Ali

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Small Business Institute, SBI

Now Accepting Applications for Summer 2024