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Entrepreneurs and small business owners tend to be an independent sort of breed. From the beginning, they choose to become their own bosses and that decision most often proves to be the right choice for themselves and for their businesses, especially early on. As a company grows in revenue and head count however, the decision-making process becomes more complex and the stakes become higher. Even as employees and managers come on board, a business owner soon learns that the adage that says ‘it’s lonely at the top’ can be a truism.

Having built his transportation engineering and planning consultancy into a highly successful company boasting over 22 years of service, Sans Lassiter, founder and president of LTG, Inc., formerly Lassiter Transportation Group, was contemplating his retirement and preparing his organization for the transition to new leadership. Rather than tackle this alone, he sought counsel from the Florida Small Business Development Center at Daytona State College (FSBDC at DSC), a sub-center of the Florida SBDC at the University of Central Florida, and its peer-to-peer executive roundtable coaching program for senior business leaders, the CEO XChange.

LTG, Inc. specializes in transportation planning, traffic engineering design, future roadway projection analysis, urban area modeling, and much more planning work of many types. Projects that the firm has worked on include Daytona International Speedway, I-95 at LPGA Boulevard Exchange, Tanger Outlet Mall, and Trader Joe’s Distribution Center to name just a few. “What I believe sets LTG apart is its strong belief in customer service,” explains Lassiter. “We typically get most of our work by word of mouth. We maintain our client base because we believe in doing quality work, providing it on time and within budget.”

Overseen by FSBDC at DSC sub-center director Trecia Arrington, the CEO XChange is a unique program designed to connect chief executives and cultivate their leadership of established, second stage companies. In monthly professionally facilitated sessions, members are empowered to broaden their business perspective and gain knowledge through collaborative thinking and problem-solving with the leaders of other non-competing companies from a diverse set of industries. “The thing that attracted me to the FSBDC’s CEO XChange program is the fact that it brought together some of the CEOs of good-sized firms in the area to discuss issues impacting them, their companies, and their company growth,” recalls Lassiter. “It provided me with a forum to ask questions and an opportunity to share what I’d learned through my years leading LTG.”

“It came about at a time in our company progression that was very important, “Lassiter continued. “I was in the midst of development of an ownership transition plan. What we were able to discuss with other members, as well as with some of the speakers brought in to speak to us at the CEO XChange, was very helpful in allowing me to crystalize what I was looking to do in terms of eventually retiring from my firm and yet making sure the company continued on successfully.”

“The relationships that you’re able to develop with other CEOs on a personal level were invaluable, “Lassiter affirms. “We were rewarded by finding out we’re not the only ones going through whatever issues we’re having and there may be a whole myriad of potential solutions that we can arrive at or make use of in bettering our companies. I think any firm would benefit from being a member of the FSBDC’s CEO XChange.”

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