Florida SBDC at UCF Success Stories

Todd Marinshaw, Allen Sportswear, FSBDC at UCF, Pauline Davis
Marnie Forestieri, Little Explorer Academy, FSBDC at UCF, Pauline Davis
Nutritious Lifestyles
Popcorn Junkie, FSBDC at UCF, Lake County, Economic Development
Villages-News.com; FSBDC; Lake County; Villages; Sumter County
FSBDC; Across Borders Management Consulting; Lake County
FSBDC, ASBDC, Midstate Caulking, Osceola County
My Nona's Garden; Chuck Wheeler; Amber Harmon
VAMP, The Vocational Academy of Makeup and Prosethics, FSBDC, UCF
First Response Disaster Team Building for the Future With Assistance from FSBDC at UCF
Nanospective; Roger Greenwald; Brenda Prenitzer
Alex Aviles; Pauline Davis; Dealer Service Alternative;
BedTop, FSBDC, UCF, Palm Coast, Flagler
Mainstream; QwikProducts; Export, Florida SBDC; Success Story
Elegance by EV, FSBDC at UCF
Harvey Cohen; Cohen Grossman; Jill Kaufman; ABC; Advisory Board Council; FSBDC; UCF
Jones Brothers, FSBDC, SBDC, Lake County, Tavares
Wilson Equipment, FSBDC, Valerie Wilson, Hunt Dawkins