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All Clean Pressure Washing

Like many entrepreneurs, William Scott Dau had a business idea but didn’t know the best way to turn that idea into a reality or where to turn for assistance to make his dream come true.

Mr. Dau is a retired Maryland Park Police Captain that enjoys pressure washing homes, garages anddriveways for his own home and several of his neighbors. His idea and plan was to start a business doing pressure washing jobs within a very close distance from his home in Clermont Florida.

That’s when Mr. Dau made a great first decision: he came to the Florida SBDC at UCF in South Lake County with his business idea and asked for help with a business plan. The FSBDC worked through the business plan process with him, and he shared that he had several children that would be entering college soon and that he was going to build a saving account for them with his new business.

Mr. Dau and FSBDC worked through all of the details of starting a business with him and helped him establish a limited liability company, All Clean Pressure Washing, LLC; determine the necessary local city and county business licenses; and evaluate and obtain liability insurance. Investing his own funds, he was able to purchase all of his equipment and supplies and, upon completing his business plan,  he started advertising in a church publication and local newspapers. He also began attending local chamber events. Almost immediately, he was contacted for a job that was too big for his small company. Mr. Dau had fun reviewing the offer with the FSBDC and considering the fact that he would probably  need to develop a new business plan to handle a multi-year opportunity!

“As I went to obtain information about setting up a business, I found information about the Florida SBDC at the City Hall in Groveland, Florida,” commented Mr. Dau. “I made an appointment with Dr. Dallas Garrett for counseling and assistance. He shared his personal experience with me and guided me through the entire process. Today I am averaging three jobs per week, which is exactly my goal. I am pleased to have met Dr. Garrett and I highly recommend that anyone planning to open a business make an appointment with the FSBDC,” he concluded.

“William Dau maintains contact with our office on a monthly basis and provides me with a financial update each month,” said Dr. Garrett. “He has also sent us several new clients, already has a new business idea and is now working with me on a prototype for a new window screen idea for homes.  Thanks to the right first decision – coming in to see the FSBDC at UCF – he is really on his way!”