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Different Perspective

When Hugo and Priscilla Azzolini founded creative advertising agency Different Perspective in 2004, internet advertising was only just picking up speed. Fast forward 11 years later and today, Different Perspective has helped hundreds of businesses develop their own unique brand, market their business online and attract customers through custom-created websites.

For Hugo and Priscilla, the secret was not keeping up with current technology, but helping businesses stay ahead of it. Today Hugo sits on the marketing board for The Orlando Philharmonic orchestra and the Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida, extending his expertise in marketing to local nonprofits and for-profit organizations, as well as companies from all over the world including their native country Brazil.

Located in downtown Orlando, FL, Different Perspective has developed from inconsistent year-to-year growth to a 91% increase from 2014 to 2015. Although Hugo’s steadfast vision to start the business without investors or taking on debt allowed him to take more risks and realize greater rewards. Different Perspective’s recent sales increases and 2015’s anticipated growth is attributed to the guidance and advice of the SBDC at UCF’s Growth Acceleration Consultant, Roger Greenwald.

“Roger not only provided us the support we needed to grow our business, in the areas of financial management and new business development, but he gave us insight into how to be better entrepreneurs and leaders within our own industry. His extensive knowledge and genuine commitment to our success helped our company refocus our vision, strengthen our sales strategy and personally inspired us to be more proactive within the business and in the community.”