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Local Couple Launches Fishing Apparel and Gear Company With Assistance from the FSBDC at Daytona State College

“Fishballs” to Produce Environmentally Responsible Fishing Gear

February 12, 2015


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Daytona Beach – Eric Lund and Cindy Hutchings are working to reduce pollution the best way they know how – by hav-ing fun! Lund and Hutchings are co-founders of Fishballs, a fishing apparel and gear company dedicated to the environ-ment while retaining an element of “edginess.”

For decades, fishermen have used lead weights to the detriment and degradation of our rivers, lakes and oceans. Lund is in the process of developing a safer weight. His company is funding that pursuit by designing and selling fishing apparel under the trademark “Fishballs.”

The brand combines a humorously edgy tone with a respect for the waters and marine life that provide so many hours of fun for fishermen and fisherwomen. After conceiving several apparel designs in early 2014, Eric and Cindy sought the assistance of the Florida SBDC at Daytona State College, a sub-center of the FSBDC at UCF, to help them realize their dream of turning their ideas into a successful business.

Today the company manufactures and sells a complete line of apparel. As apparel sales increase, the duo continues to innovate. In addition to environmentally friendly fishing weights, the company is set to launch a new product for keeping sunglasses and other valuables afloat when they fall into the water. The floatation device is shaped in Fishballs’ trademarked image and boasts a provocative tagline.

Before starting Fishballs, Eric and Cindy operated a lawn care company. They had no apparel or retail business experi-ence. However, when Eric was injured in an accident and unable to continue his lawn care company, he knew it was time to embrace the ideas he had been generating for months about a fishing gear and apparel company.

By the time Cindy and Eric approached the Florida SBDC at Daytona State College for assistance in May 2014, they had amassed many questions. The FSBDC’s Certified Business Consultant Art Zimmet has been meeting and guiding them ever since on a bi-weekly basis to assist with strategy, branding, marketing communication and funding options.

Since they began working with the Florida SBDC, they have gone from being a couple with an idea to being the managers of a fully operational company producing and selling apparel that has found success in the creativity and then leveraging technology such as e-commerce and mobile payment systems to their advantage. They have overcome their lack of knowledge about business strategy and are now well positioned for sustainable growth.

“We believe that the assistance from Art Zimmet at the FSBDC has been vital to the success of our company. He kept and continues to keep us focused on the key ingredients for achieving our goals when we start to vary. He has helped us connect with other businesses to get advice and opinions on tools for our company. He is continuously finding and giv-ing us ways to succeed, i.e. a million cups program, crowd funding, tools to write a business plan, connections we never would have had without the help of the FSBDC.”


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