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Local Star A.M. Metal Finishing, Inc. Prospering With an Assist from FSBDC at UCF’s Growth Acceleration Services

November 13, 2013


Contact: Hal Thayer, Communications Director, SBDC at UCF, 407.420.4850 or hthayer@bus.ucf.edu

Orlando, FL – Ambitious business owners speak regularly about finding ways to take their company “to the next level” of revenue growth, of profitability, of success. A. M. Metal Finishing, Inc.’s owner Rick Hunter had built his company into a respected, multi-product business but wanted to take his success up a notch…a big notch. For assistance, he turned to the Florida SBDC at UCF’s Growth Acceleration Services program.

With over 29 years of experience, A.M. Metal Finishing, Inc. is providing premier metal finishing services for companies throughout the state of Florida. A.M. Metal’s dedication to providing the highest level of quality has been recognized by industry leaders and resulted in metal finishing projects in many industries including aerospace, defense and theme parks.  A.M. Metal provided corrosion protection for the platform for Winter the Tailless Dolphin at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium and anodized the bleachers in the “Splash Zone” at Sea World’s Shamu Stadium. A.M. Metal also donated the anodized aluminum panels for the Maderia Beach 911 Memorial and hard-coat anodized the parts on the U.C.F. solar car.

A.M. Metal’s high quality workmanship earned them numerous awards including from the Manufacturers Association of Central Florida as the “Small Manufacturer of the Year” and “Best of Business Award” by the Small Business Commerce Association for its Anodizing (plating) of metals. The company provides an extensive array of metal finishing services including anodizing, powder coating, electro polishing, Teflon coating, laser engraving and many more, enabling it to meet the diverse needs of all its customers.

In November 2012, owner Rick Hunter was eager to leverage the company’s diverse offerings to grow further.  Rick met with FSBDC at UCF Growth Acceleration Consultant, Jill McLaughlin, to discuss strategies to take their business up to the next level of revenue and growth profitability. Jill performed an in-depth business assessment including a detailed financial, sales and marketing analysis.  Jill then recommended specific financial tools and marketing strategies to help grow the business. Hunter said, “Jill McLaughlin has been extremely helpful in providing us information and opportunities that will help our company grow while still meeting our goals and mission statement.  The advice and services she has provided has helped our company set a marketing strategy and sales approach that promise to give us the conversion rate we are looking for.”

As a result of Rick and his team’s dedication to quality and service, in May 2013, A.M. Metal received a distinguished award from one of the premier aerospace manufacturers in the U.S. and they have been voted “Supplier of the Year” by three of their largest customers.  Hunter said, “If you are interested in growing your company then I highly recommend Jill McLaughlin and the FSBDC at UCF’s Growth Acceleration Services Program because she will help you research, set and achieve the success you are looking for.”

Through the Florida SBDC’s no-cost Growth Acceleration Services, companies can develop sustainable growth strategies in key business areas, including marketing and business development, cash flow management, strategic planning, market/industry research, as well as capital access. To qualify for the services the company must have growth as a goal, be operating for at least three years, have annual revenues ranging from $500,000 to $10 million, and employ five or more workers. Florida SBDC Growth Acceleration Consultants are readily available statewide to provide assistance to qualified emerging and growth businesses that are looking to advance. For more information about the SBDC’s Growth Acceleration Services, contact SBDC at UCF Regional Director Eunice Choi at 407-420-4850 or echoi@bus.ucf.edu.

About the FSBDC Network

For over 35 years, the FSBDC Network has nourished a statewide partnership between higher education and economic development organizations, dedicated to providing emerging and established business owners with management and technical assistance, enabling overall growth and increased profitability for the businesses and economic prosperity for the state. The FSBDC Network is a statewide service system of 41 centers with 60 outreach locations, including the FSBDC at UCF.

In 2012, the Florida SBDCs served approximately 38,000 entrepreneurs and small business owners through consulting and training, resulting in 47,845 jobs created, retained and saved; $6.3 billion in sales growth; $235.2 million in capital accessed; $588.4 million in government contract awards; and 744 new businesses started.

In 2012, for every $1 of Florida public and private sector investment in the FSBDC program, $40 was returned to the state in tax revenue.

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