Maple Street, Mike Crofts, Roger Greenwald, FSBDC

Maple Street: Aligning Industry Experience and Technology Creates a Solution

Michael Crofts, founder and President, aligned extensive industry experience and technology to create a solution, providing outsourced vendor management, contract negotiation and regulatory compliance oversight for financial institutions. Maple Street, Inc. is relieving these institutions from these important, albeit, tedious and labor intensive activities while ensuring compliance and saving customers money.

Leveraging his experience as a lawyer in the financial sector, Crofts developed a proprietary document management software system that enhances the company’s differentiation in this “quality-of-performance” competitive environment.

Headquartered in Longwood, FL and serving customers nationally, Maple Street has tripled in size in the past two years {2010/2011}; sales, employees, and customers. Sales in 2011 exceeded $1.4 million, employment has grown 23 full time associates and the company is now providing vendor management services to more than 60 customers nationwide. Double digit growth is anticipated again in 2012.

Entrepreneurial leadership, vision, innovation, adaptation to industry trends and technology development has enabled Maple Street, Inc. to demonstrate a sustainable competitive advantage. Maple Street was named as one of fifty “Florida Companies to Watch” for 2012 by the Florida Economic Gardening Institute at the University of Central Florida

 “We are fortunate to have a growing business, but the challenges that come with growth are sometimes enormous. Having terrific advice and counsel has been tremendous for our business. The advice and counsel we received from the SBDC at UCF’s Growth Acceleration Consultant, Roger Greenwald, has been incredibly helpful and has helped us grow our business and create new jobs. It’s great to have someone who is genuinely committed to our success available to speak and trade ideas with”.