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Studio K

Kristin Weissman loves dance and dreamed of owning her own dance studio catering to young adults/adults. For 15 years she worked in an executive role in the industries of Public Relations, Marketing and Special Events. However, Kristin’s heartfelt passion has always been the art of dance. From an early age Kristin studied many varieties of dance styles. It was this continued passion that encouraged her to leave the corporate lifestyle and instead leverage her work history in partnership with her passion, to pursue her dream – the creation of Studio K.

“The counseling provided by the SBDC at UCF went beyond the purely business aspects…”

Kristin Weissman, Owner
Studio K

In October 2008 Kristin committed herself to actively pursuing the dream and looked to the SBDC at UCF for direction and assistance. Over the next two years, Roger Greenwald, CBA worked closely with Kristin developing her business plan with financial pro forma(s), industry and local research, operational and marketing plans and preparing the required documentation to obtain the necessary funding.

Kristin’s success, a combination of focused passion, hard work, excellent planning and a strong character, resulted in a new business “start-up” loan. A rarity in the economic environment of the past two years.

“The counseling provided by the SBDC at UCF went beyond the purely business aspects; I believe that without their personal involvement, mentoring and encouragement Studio K might not be.”

Kristin’s Studio K opened to a packed house October 16, 2010 and will employ 2 full time staff and 11 part time dance instructors.

For more about Kristin and Studio K visit www.studiokorlando.com.