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Despite what the old saying might be, sometimes nice guys don’t finish last – they finish first. And very often they don’t finish alone. In the case of Scott Milliron and his wife Patty, founders and owners of Sanford, FL-based Bug Brigade, Inc., they are “nice guys” who have a “finished-first” success story to tell thanks to their loyal clients, valued employees, and assistance from the Florida Small Business Development Center at Seminole State College (FSBDC at SSC).

Bug Brigade, Inc. is a termite and pest control company offering protection services to residential customers primarily, as well as some commercial clients. They also offer wildlife services, including specialty installation exclusion work to seal vermin out. What sets Bug Brigade apart is its commitment to providing rewarding work to its employees and outstanding customer service to its clients.

“When I created the company, I wanted to give other people an opportunity for success,” recalls Scott Milliron. “It was about bringing like-minded people into a culture that thrived on customer service. And that’s what we did. We applied extreme customer service skills to just taking care of our customers. We all wanted to help people and that’s what we went out there and did.”

By being both customer-centric and employee-oriented – particularly in the field to help the latter be successful – Bug Brigade was able to grow its business. There was always an opportunity for additional growth however, and Milliron sought assistance from the FSBDC at SSC at SSC’s Center for Business Development because “it was a good fit for what I was looking for.” Working with FSBDC consultant and SSC Sub-Center Director Monica Williams and others, he took advantage of its no-cost, expert, one-on-one consulting; workshops and seminars; and access to market research, as well as affordable office space and other business resources.

“The expertise that was provided, and certainly the market data, was very helpful,” says Milliron. “It was information I didn’t have access to, especially getting details on financials. It brought focus to what I was doing and was a tremendous help to me.”

“After getting back on my feet following the Great Recession and thereafter, I came back to the SBDC in 2016,” Milliron remarked. “We were at a little less than $400,000 in revenues then and in five years have been able to grow the business to better than $1.1 million, trending close to $1.3 million this year. So, better than 30% growth a year and I can partially attribute that to the help I got from the FSBDC.”

“For anyone looking to work with the SBDC, it’s a great place to start,” Milliron continued. “I refer people there all the time. They are there to help you. They’re there to provide support. You can get as much out of it as you could possibly want. I highly recommend going to the FSBDC and taking advantage.”

Nice guy stories also often have happy endings. Thanks to their extraordinary business results and, built on the strength of their extreme customer service, Milliron successfully sold his company at a record valuation and is off to his next challenge.

For information about Bug Brigade, Inc, please visit www.bugbrigade.com.