MamaBare Sugaring Studio LLC

For a small business owner, managing explosive growth can be as big of a challenge as finding ways to survive in a pandemic. For Amanda Yarborough, founder and owner of MamaBare Sugaring Studio LLC, her business was enjoying an exceptionally positive reception from customers and was succeeding beyond her expectations. How to best manage that growth was her biggest problem, and that’s why she turned to the Florida Small Business Development Center at Daytona State College (FSBDC at DSC), a sub-center of the Florida SBDC at UCF (FSBDC at UCF), for assistance.

MamaBare Sugaring Studio, with locations in Lake Mary, Oviedo, Ormand Beach and Port Orange, offers an all-natural hair removal process called hand method ‘sugaring’, similar to waxing but better. MamaBare’s sugaring specialists apply a honey-colored sugar-paste gel to the skin and remove unwanted body and facial hair. They specialize in sugaring, and sugaring only, while creating a welcoming environment designed to remove not just hair, but also the insecurities and anxieties that often accompany it. “It’s all about helping our clients feel their best,” says Yarborough.

All-natural hair removal as practiced by MamaBare has become hugely popular, so much so that Yarborough quickly wanted assistance. “I reached out to the FSBDC because I was experiencing a period of growth that I needed help with,” she recalls. “I really needed someone to guide me and walk me through what the next steps for my business looked like.”

“The FSBDC definitely helped me focus on the big picture,” continues Yarborough. “It helped me by exploring the market and connect with people inside and outside my industry. The group I am part of – the Growth XChange – has been so helpful to my business. I get insights from other business owners, feedback on issues, ideas for business processes and financing. It’s really great to be able to be around others who are doing what I am doing, working through the same problems I am.” (Growth XChange is a facilitated peer-to-peer coaching program offered exclusively by the FSBDC at Daytona State to qualified small business owners.)

In addition to participating in the Growth XChange, Yarborough takes advantage of the FSBDC’s no-cost, expert business consulting and access to market research resources. “I especially love the one-on-one consulting that I get with FSBDC at DSC director Tom Daly,” Yarborough states. “He’s someone you can always go to. I went to cosmetology school. I didn’t get a lot of formal business training. I’ve had to figure it out on my own. Having people to go to, to ask questions of, get feedback from, to know what the next step should be, has been a gamechanger for us.”

“I have experienced tremendous growth within the company and really learned so much about how to run my business and how to grow my business since starting to work with the FSBDC,” Yarbrough explains. “Our company has grown by two more locations and doubled our staffing to almost 30. And that is all due to the consulting I have received from Tom at the FSBDC. If you are an entrepreneur or business owner and you haven’t reached out to the FSBDC, I suggest you do so immediately. I only wish I had known about them sooner.”

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