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Pet Street Veterinary Care Center

Following the American Dream—Owning your own home with a yard for children and pets to play plus having your own business for many around the world is the “American Dream”. On October 12, 2009, Dr. Willem-Jan van Deijck, DVM realized his dream and opened the doors of his new “State of the Art” veterinary clinic: Pet Street Veterinary Care Center.

“They [the SBDC] can give you lots of information and advice. I strongly recommend businesses starting out to go there first.”

Dr. Willem-Jan van Deijck, Owner
Pet Street Veterinary Care Center

Ten years before this momentous event the journey began with graduation in 1999 from the University of Utrecht, The Netherlands. He then spent six years sharing his time in a very busy 24/7 emergency animal hospital in Rotterdam, on a national TV show on veterinary care and teaching ambulance personnel emergency care for animals. At the end of 2005, Dr. Willem-Jan van Deijck, his wife Barbara and two children moved to sunny Palm Coast, Florida and began working as a full time veterinarian in a successful local clinic.

After finding that veterinary practice in the United States, especially private clinic work, was very rewarding he was ready to fulfill his desire to run his own business. This would give him the opportunity to develop systems to provide the newest and best treatments for his clientele. He was confident that his clinical knowledge and Barbara’s business experience would be a successful combination for their own business. Their education in research practices served them well as they began planning their business. They used trade association and SBA information to uncover resources that would assist their business start up.

They met with the SBDC at UCF’s sub-center at Daytona State College to get guidance on their business plan, financing and marketing strategies. They also used SBDC online and campus workshops to gain additional information. After developing a confident feasibility analysis, a thorough business plan, and site selection they were able to get a $400,000 loan from Bank of America to set up their state of the Art Veterinary Hospital in Ormond Beach. Dr. Van Deijck spoke highly of the Small Business Development Center at Daytona State College- “They can give you lots of information and advice. I strongly recommend businesses starting out go there first”. “The first eight months have been a huge learning curve, but I’m glad I did it” states Dr Van Deijck. The Daytona branch of the SBDC for the University of Central Florida has been a valuable partner for Pet Street Veterinary Care Center not only as an information center but also promoting the practice with the media and throughout the community.