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Scribbles, Your Little Home Learning Center

Providing piece of mind, convenience and quality service to working parents is the goal of Scribbles, Your Little Home Learning Center. After three years and much thought, Adriana Hoyos and Thamara Sanchez were ready to launch their business. Being new to Central Florida the question was where to go to obtain guidance.

“We would definitely recommend the services of the SBDC at UCF – they are here to help businesses succeed”

Adriana Sanchez
Scribbles, Your Little Home Learning Center

In August 2009, Adriana scheduled an appointment at the SBDC at UCF – Kissimmee to learn about starting a business in Osceola County. “I found it comforting to know that there was someone bilingual that I could speak to. I manage English but it is not the same thing when your first language is Spanish and you need to make decisions; you want to make sure you understand clearly what it involves, especially a decision as opening your own business.”

The major challenges the client faced were getting to know Osceola County and understanding the processes required to start the business. The SBDC at UCF – Kissimmee assisted Adriana through one-on-one counseling, developing the business plan, guiding her in the right direction for licensing registration and providing access to resources. “[The SBDC at UCF – Kissimmee] emphasized the importance of my financials making sure that I knew accurate start-up costs and operating expenses to ensure we were properly capitalized since we were not seeking outside financing.”

In November 2009, Adriana and Thamara opened Scribbles, Your Little Home Learning Center, a learning and tutoring center located in Celebration, Florida. The mission of the center is to strengthen academic skills, through educational and playful activities, to achieve high motivation and improve school performance. They have created an environment where kids can learn and have fun at the same time. Adriana and Thamara continue to use the services of the SBDC at UCF – Kissimmee for assistance in marketing and training.