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Power Grid Engineering

In 2006, Andre Uribe and his partners Michael Wright and Glenn Durie contemplated started their own electrical engineering firm; they contacted the Small Business Development Center and registered for several seminars to better prepare them for this venture. Andre a veteran of the United States Navy is a graduate of University of Central Florida with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering. Michael Wright and Glenn Durie are both Electrical engineering graduates from the University of Florida.

“We are fortunate to have the support of high level SBDC personal such as Pauline Davis to help us when we needed assistance running our company.”

Andre Uribe
Power Grid Engineering

In January 2007, after research and consultation with SBDC certified business consultant Pauline Davis, Power Grid Engineering was established as an electrical engineering firm specializing in the design of protection and control systems for electric utilities. Since opening its doors, the firm has consistently obtained complex projects requiring power engineering expertise. The company has formed a unique niche in providing services to maintain the efficient operating of electrical grid systems which is vital to ensuring that electricity flows go uninterrupted throughout the service region.

Since its formation, Power Grid Engineering has developed an impressive clientele list including several Fortune 250 investor-owned utility companies in the United States. Collectively, the firm’s staff has many years of professional experience assembling technical construction packages for their clients. With this experience, clients are assured that their projects will be designed and engineered by knowledgeable and technically qualified personnel and that all documentation will be produced in accordance with current industry codes and standards.

Over the years, Andre and his partners developed a unique partnership by dividing the essential business functions of the firm between them. Currently, the company continues to grow with annual sales of over $2 million dollars and 25 employees. The SBDC’s Pauline Davis continues to offer support to the company and has encouraged the partners to take advantage of the extensive programs offered by the SBDC at UCF. The partners have participated in the Center’s Small Business Institute ®( SBI)®, the Advisory Board Council, and now plan on taking advantage of the government contracting seminar series . In fact, Andre and his partners are very optimistic about the future as they contemplate suggestions made by the research project provided by their SBI® graduate student team. Andre is very pleased with the SBDC services the company received, stating, “We are fortunate to have the support of high level SBDC personal such as Pauline Davis to help us when we needed assistance running our company.”