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Small Business Institute®

The Small Business Institute® offers a practical training ground for students, which supplements academic work with real case studies in today’s challenging business environment. This program is able to provide a valuable community service by helping small businesses that comprise the well‑spring of your local economy. To small business owners, the SBI is a source of management knowledge, research, and insights that can strengthen their competitive posture.Consequently, the SBI program has proven to be highly successful since it was conceived by and embraced by universities and colleges throughout the country.

For students, the Small Business Institute® emphasizes essential business educational experiences such as:

  • Applying your people skills as a team member and consultant;
  • Examining business issues from the viewpoint of several disciplines;
  • Engaging in real world problem solving;
  • Using analysis and creativity for business planning and proble m solving.

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SBI News

Dear SBI friends and colleagues:

The Small Business Institute® is pleased to announce a student affiliation option now available on our website by clicking here. Each year our students complete numerous professional field-based consulting projects, and we now welcome them to join the organization as an affiliate, at the cost of $10 per year or $15 for two years. This handout offers more information on the student affiliate option; please share it with your incoming students. The affiliate option is available for any student enrolled in a SBI member program or related small business or entrepreneurship course (graduate or undergraduate).

Good luck with the start of the fall semester!

Best wishes,
Michael Harris
SBI Immediate Past President