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Owning and running a business can be a high wire act, fraught with risk and worries about the next step. But it can also be a measured and satisfying walk on dry land if you take the time to get the help you need, educate yourself and act with strategically. Buffy Werle chose the latter course and, with the assistance of the Florida Small Business Development Center at the University of Central Florida (FSBDC at UCF), has been able to build a successful, five-year-old business based in Casselberry, Florida.

Mrs. Werle is the founder of B Organized Today, a professional home organizing and downsizing service for homes and businesses. B Organized Today helps clients take on the massive challenge of separating themselves from years of possessions and working through the emotions of being overwhelmed and even sadness when doing so, until they find themselves in a more organized, manageable and better place. “Declutter, Downsize, Organize,” is the B Organized Today mantra.

“We do really extraordinary work helping our clients,” Werle says. “But when it came to running the books and paperwork of a business, I didn’t have that background. I desperately needed to be educated. That’s why I turned to the FSBDC. The close to 15 training seminars I have attended enabled me to develop business skills. Their no-cost consulting helped me prepare a business plan to grow my company to a larger scale. And the digital marketing expertise of my consultant Jairo Batista has made my marketing more effective and successful.”

“The FSBDC has been a really great resource. My experience has been nothing but positive,” Werle continued. “I’ve learned a lot. I’ve made connections through it, even found a few clients. Most important, I’ve gained confidence in myself as a businessperson and know I am moving forward properly.”

B Organized Today has been growing steadily since the FSBDC started assisting Werle. Revenues have been built slowly and carefully to ensure that there was always capacity available to meet or exceed client expectations. Attention has been paid to improving operations, making sure the systems and processes were in place to manage the business effectively, such as implementing an accounting system and adding credit card services.

“I’ve managed our growth to make sure we didn’t get in over our heads,” Werle states. “My focus has been on a really solid foundation and then built from there. Our revenues last month were the best ever. My partner Arianne Archer and I are now talking about expanding the business, adding organizers and serving a larger market area. Our future is bright.”

“I love working with the FSBDC,” concluded Werle. “I have support from smart, experienced business consultants who can see my vision and guide me toward achieving it. I know I can lean on them for knowledge and inspiration. It’s beautiful to know that all along the way I have the help of the FSBDC.”

For information about B Organized Today, please visit https://www.borganizedtoday.com/.